Saturday, April 15, 2017

Camp Tanako, Arkansas

Here we are in Arkansas at this UMC Camp to help with maintenance & repair.

It's a beautiful drive into the camp

and a beautiful lakeside campground.

This is the Administration building,

some of the cabins and swings (the latter built by former NOMADS teams)

and our campground.

and this is our crew.  From the left front, Jerrel, Linda, Jay and Beth with Stel and Jodi in the rear.

We are currently working in two cabins.

The tile are coming loose and the subfloor is buckled.  We are all working in the same area.

Stel is removing tile,

as is Jerrel

and Jay

and Jodi.

Beth , Jodi and Linda carry out the debris.

Thlen Jerrel cut the OSB in small pieces

Stel & Jay pry up the OSB while Linda tries to contain the debris.

One room had plywood subfloor that had warped.  It is removed and put into the truck to haul to the dumpster.

Levelling the floor for new plywood.

Jay and Beth measuring for plywood sheets.

Jay and Jerrel cutting new plywood and putting it in place.

Jerrel, Stel & Linda attaching the plywood with deck screws.

Jodi learning to use the driver to add screws as well.

Beth and Linda fill the cracks with compound.

Stel finally gets the last screw into the plywood but can she get up after 4 days?

Stel sands joints to remove ridges.

Beth and Jodi clean the floor for vinyl.

2 rooms have plywood so now Jay, Stel, Linda and Jerrel start installing the "click" vinyl sheeting.

Next day, Stel and Beth and Jay are nearing the final wall in this room.

Jerrel busy cutting addtional spacers to keep vinyl tile away from the wall.

The Camp directors visit at the end of the first week to see how we are doing.

As one room is finally finished,

Jarrel and Jay move bunk beds from the other side of the cabin so we can work on the other side.  At the end of  2 weeks, we have two rooms completely tiled, 2 other rooms with new plywood and have begun installing tile in a third room.

On Wednesday of week 2, some local NOMADS bring us lunch and we share the meal with full time campground staff.

It's time to rest before these guys decide we're their lunch.

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