Monday, May 21, 2018

Week 9, Final week in Baton Rouge

Saturday, those who were around went to the Farmers Market in downtown Baton Rouge

Where there were beautiful vegetables

and strawberries so we all bought some of everything.

Now that this week's crew has arrived, we paused for a photo with our fur babies.  From the left are Dave, Carole, Jodi with Imoto, Susan, Stel, Paul, Mark with Annie the dog in front of him, Lisa with puppy Dallas and Anne and Max.

On Monday, we prepared to lay the vinyl floor but before we start, everyone wrote a message to bless the house.

Then Lisa and Stel started laying floor while Dave takes in a photo op

Anne and Max (behind the camera) also lend a hand while

Dave cuts pieces as needed.

Paul and Susan prep and paint in the kitchen

while Mark paints bedroom 2.

Bedroom 1 and it's closet are finished but we have a problem in the attached bath.

The floor under the toilet flange in the original building is rotten

so Max cut out the old stuff and put in new subfloor before continuing with the tile.

Anne and Max finish flooring bath 1

Then Susan and Dave add baseboard trim.

After bedroom 2 is painted, Dave, Carole, Mark and Paul install luan subfloor

and Lisa and Stel install vinyl in bedroom, bath and closet.

In the afternoon, the whole crew worked on the floor in the living room and dining area

except for Paul and Mark who attached trim to windows

and repaired some wiring issues then explained all to Dave.

Next day, Anne, Lisa and Carole moved into the kitchen with the vinyl

while Susan, Stel and Max began installing doors

and later were joined by Mark and Paul.

Jodi also make a brief appearance on this official final day of this project and she does some touch-up painting.

On this final day, the NOMADS crew donated food and Richard & his family prepared it as we dedicated the house to the family. (In the center are Richard, his daughter and his wife, Sandy)

 Friday, most of the team worked an extra day to try to complete floors and doors.  The result.....

Bedroom 1
Bedroom 2
and we say farewell to Richard... for now.

Friday, May 11, 2018

Week 8 in Baton Rouge

Our Team for Week 8 from the left are Max and Anne (returned for another workout), Stel & Jodi, Lisa and Mark (also returned for another workout) and Carole and Dave, team leaders.  Jodi is not going to the worksite these days but she remains a part of the team.

Dave is sanding and prepping the master bath for painting and Lisa begins painting the walls in the old section

and the new section.

Stel repairs a seam in the ceiling of the master bedroom.

Anne sanding drywall in bedroom 2 closet and

then applies primer.

Stel mudding second coat on joints in bathroom and 

then appplies texture to the ceiling.

Mark is mudding joints in bedroom 2 ceiling with Dave overwatching.

Mark and Carole begin applying texture to bedroom 2 ceiling and Anne keeps the supply of mud available by mixing and filling paint trays.

The final look of texture process and

the final look of Mark after texturing.

Lisa moves on into the Master bedroom to paint while

Max and Dave install Luan in preparation for floor coverings.

Max's first attempt at using leveling compound to smooth out doorway transitions for floor covering and

he learns how quickly it gets hard.

Lest we think we will have nothing to do, the coordinators show up with some supplies

and a whole skid of vinyl click tile for the floors.  Something to look forward to.

Lisa has moved into the living room and dining area to paint

and then moves into the kitchen

Max has installed light fixtures and smoke detectors 

and Dave installs outlets.

Since the siding is complete, we tear down the scaffolding for return to the Disaster Response Center.

On our final night on week 8, the church threw a pot luck dinner for all the NOMADS and the Volunteer in Missions crew from Colorado.  It was a good time of food and fellowship.

See you next week.