Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Falfurrias, Texas January, 2018

We have returned to Falfurrias, Texas and are here with a number of folks we have worked with before and even worked with at this location.

The group from the left in front are Jodi, Judy, Jan, & Jerry.  In the back row are Stel, Gary, Avis, Paul, Karen and Dave.  On Monday, we travelled to 3 locations as a group to get a sense of the assignments for our outreach mission.

This is the first home and the owner who is disabled and using a walker would like a new ramp for her mobile home.  This ramp is much too steep.

While the whole group was present, we moved this disabled car out of the way since it does not run anyway.
How many nomads does it take to move a compact car?????

Then we went to the second house which has rotted siding on the right front and needs new windows.

In the back, the lower portion of siding is rotted due to a significant leak in the bathroom which also needs to be addressed.  The third house is not pictured here but is the parsonage.  They are getting a new pastor so they want to spruce up the place for him.

We met at the church to discuss the work and all decided we would go to the second house as a group and begin work there. Here, Jan, Stel and Avis begin removing the damaged siding in the front 

and the others, Paul, Judy, Karen, Jerry and Dave, removed damaged siding in the rear.

Karen and Judy began scraping the useful siding for painting while Paul
and David worked on replacing the damaged areas.

Once the siding was removed in front, Gary tackled removing the old windows

and Avis measured to see if the new windows would fit the same opening.

Avis, Gary and Stel are checking the fit for the new windows.
Meanwhile, Jan and Judy start painting the replacement siding and trim pieces

and Karen and Jan continue scraping the paint while

Judy begins painting the water heater shed.
Of course, the new windows do not quite fit so Stel and Avis are cutting out material to make the fit work.

Dave  began installing new siding

and Paul is assisting.
Before we make the final window installation, Stel cut the Tyvex

and Gary installs it around the openings while Avis and Dave barter for use of tools.

The windows are in but we opted to put Tyvex under all the siding.
Then the siding replacement begins and

by the end of the day of Thursday, this end is nearly complete as is

the rear exterrior.
But Paul and Dave had a lot of work to repair the bathroom floor which is so rotted  you can see daylight around the bottom of the tub.

The toilet is the cause of part of the water leak so Dave and Paul remove it, repair the floor and install a new toilet.
Next week, we'll address finishing at this house and move to another.

Friday, November 3, 2017

Return to Camp Tanako, Fall, 2017

We have returned to Hot Springs, Arkansas to continue work on the floors of the cabins.

We have a larger crew this trip with 5 rigs present on weeks 1 and 3.  There was a death in the family of one couple so they were absent on week 2 only.

And our crew from the left are Jo and Mark, Stel and Jodi, Joe and Jayne, Mark and Lisa and leaders Linda and Jerrel.  2 couples are new to NOMADS (Mark and Jo and Mark and Lisa) so we gave them a real workout.

As in the previous trip, we tore up tile and subfloor from 6 rooms in 3 cabins.

This particular cabin was more difficult than the others because there were 4 times the amount of nails and an extra layer of subfloor so we had the opportunity to have everyone involved at the same time for tearout.

In one cabin there was a wet spot on the floor so we tore up another layer to see what was going on.  What a surprise!  Squirrels or some other animal had worked up from beneath into the insulation and was using it for a bathroom.  A little extra repair was needed.

Then comes the cleanup.
Thank goodness we had this magnet for Joe to clean up those thousands of nail debris.

After tearout, we installed new 3/4 inch subfloor and put installed thousands of screws to hold it down.

Next came installation of tile with Linda and Jayne on this team,

Stel and Jo installing also,
as are Lisa and Mark.

The trim had to be painted so Joe finds a sunny spot to do so

but rain forced Joe and Lisa to work on one of the porches.

There were leak spots noted in 2 cabins so the crew assessed the problem and installed additional flashing

In another area, the loovers in this roof vent had been damaged by weather and or animals so Mark climbed up to do tear out and asses materials needed.

At the end of the project, we installed new baseboard and trim to finish

and make new thresholds  for each exterrior doorway

and installed them.
Some learned new skills like Joe who learned how to operate the tractor to move the debris to the dumpster.

And in the end, we had a chance to inspect each others work in this beautiful campground.
These buzzards overlooking our campsite are looking way too interested in US so it may be time to move on.